Artist's Statement

Daria White

By creating art, I hope to inspire and provoke thought in others as I have been passionately inspired myself. If my art has moved at least one person's thoughts and feelings, I am happy. My art is meant to be like the surging waters of a river, like the blood that pumps and sustains your body... moving pieces of life that have been interpreted by me into art and not just abstract, cold pieces of museum-work.

"There is only one thing that I know, and that is that I know nothing." - Socrates

I believe people can make something out of nothing. That is what I think of when I make art out of clay. When I work with clay I start with a blank state of mind, and my work comes from my soul. Creativity cannot be learned, only the techniques can be taught.

Clay comes from the earth; art comes from the soul. Clay is like a blank state of mind waiting for me to make it into whatever I feel at the moment. When I touch clay I forget time. My passion for art stems from this basic premise: something from nothing, and the hope that the only pre-requisite for art is a spark of creativity.

Daria White