Hand Made Brushes

Hand Made Brushes

Meticulously hand-crafted, my brushes have natural-hair bristles and are made specifically for ceramic artists

I tailor each brush to the qualities of the bristles. No two are alike in shape or design. The bristles or hair come from a variety of sources including silver fox, mink, or even skunk hair. They go through an arduous process to ensure cleanliness and usability.

I match each hair with its equal counterparts until the whole brush is complete. The natural character of the hair results in the effortless application of the bristle to wet glaze or slip, providing ease for the artist when drawing smooth, uninterrupted lines or short, bold strokes. The hairs have never been cut so they maintain their natural edge.

The attention to detail begins with the natural bristles. They are matched to handles as unique as the bristles they hold.

I separate the brush handles into two types: functional and artistic. My goal is that each brush is a work of art when finished. Fancier brush handles typically feature exotic materials such as deer horn and are heavier to handle and use, and equally beautiful to display. Functional handles are lightweight and choosen exclusively for their holding comfort.

While making the one-of-a-kind brushes, I hope they will help the artist develop an equally distinctive brush technique to create extraordinary art. Each brush is a special and unique tool for the ceramic artist.

For further information or custom-made brush orders contact:

Daria Kim White
Studio phone: (734) 747-6231